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Search results are sorted by relevancy, according to your input. The search may return results which do not contain some words in your search. To force the result to include certain words use ‘+’ before each word you want included:

Search: typeface +Helvetica +Linotype

Returns results with ‘Helvetica’ and ‘Linotype’, and which may have ‘typeface’. Records with all three words will have greater relevancy, so will be ranked higher.

Use word stemming to find similar terms:

Search: typograph*

Returns results containing words that start with ‘typograph’, for example ‘typographer’, ‘typographic’, ‘typography’.

Single or multiple use of word stemming tends to reduce relevancy to zero, if there are no ‘whole’ words used in the search:

Search: typograph* type*

The search above would tend to have good relevancy scoring, because it includes the whole word ‘type’, which also matches ‘typeface’.

Search: typograph* typefac*

The search above would tend to have poor relevancy scoring, because there are no ‘whole’ words. In this case the search would tend to return results sorted by date.

Searches will not find partial word matches without the use of stemming, for example ‘type’ will not find results that have the word ‘typeface’ but not the word ‘type’, where searching for ‘type*’ with find results with either word.

Wildcard characters cannot be the first character of a search word: ‘*ography’ will return no results. Using the wildcard character in the middle of a search result will ignore characters after the wildcard: ‘typ*ography’ will return results equivalent to a search for ‘typ*’.

Use phrase search to produce narrower results:

Search: "Gill Sans" font

Returns results that may contain the exact phrase ‘Gill Sans’ or the word ‘font’.

Combining search operators:

Search: +"Neue Helvetica" font

Returns results that must contain the exact phrase ‘Neue Helvetica’ and may contain the word ‘font’.

You cannot use a wildcard character within a phrase search: ‘Neue Helvetic*’ will return no results.

Search: typograph* +type*

Returns results that must include words starting with ‘type’ (‘type’, ‘typeface’, etc) and which may include words starting with ‘typograph’ (‘typographer’, ‘typographic’, etc).