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SING 24/02/2005 preview
The final frontier for the Japanese desktop

Heroglyphs 01/04/2004 preview
Twenty-six designers, one alphabet

Inside Hiragino 09/11/2003 preview
A close-up of Apple’s MacOS X Japanese font, Joel Breckinridge

ATypI Vancouver 2003 26/09/2003
All the news from the ATypI conference updated: 27/10/2003

Jim Parkinson 05/09/2003 preview
Mark Eastman profiles the renown logo and typeface designer Jim Parkinson

The Second Wave of Japanese Desktop Publishing 06/07/2003 preview
Joel Breckinridge takes an extended look at recent Japanese publishing trends

(Re)reading the classics 06/04/2003 preview
Mark Eastman takes a look at some digital revivals of classic faces

The pixelated papyrus 18/06/2002 preview
Joe Gillespie takes a look at pixel-based fonts and rendering systems

Preview: Pirates on parade 15/05/2002
The settlement of a long-running piracy suit has finally arrived, but what is it that so demonised a simple punctuation mark?

Schwere Geburt 01/01/2002 preview
Vom Euro-Logo zum Schriftzeichen, Jurgen Siebert

A difficult delivery 01/01/2002 preview
The euro sign: from logo to letter, Jurgen Siebert

Preview: ClearType – close view, part 1 19/02/2001 preview
A close look at the technical side of Microsoft’s type rendering technology

Preview: Who’s in the House? 04/11/1999 preview
Rich Roat of House Industries discusses the background to the company and their new magazine

Preview: Bliss, an Enigma on a Blue Island? 01/06/1999 preview
Jack Yan talks to Jeremy Tankard about the development of his latest type designs, and his attitudes to design

Preview: LettError – terrorising letters? 06/05/1999 preview
Dutch designers/programmers/artists: a different take on computers